The Eduway’s Whiteboard is the perfect solution for people that are looking for dry erase marker boards for use at home. However, these boards cannot be used for sticking notes, charts, etc. with the help of magnets. These boards are perfect for use in schools as well as offices. All our boards are designed to provide excellent erasability, scratch-resistance, and readability. Corners are made up of virgin plastic for superior finish and aesthetics, the frame is made up of alloy aluminum for maximum stiffness are used for the core to ensure extreme flatness and prevent warpage.This makes the board ideal for use in any environment be it business or education. so hurry to order a Eduway reversible white marker cum Chalkboard. Basic Features of Non – Magnetic White Boards – The dual advantage to write with a marker in white surface and with chalk on the reverse green surface – Glossy surface permits easy writing clearing – Doesn’t accepts magnets – Easy fit in landscape portrait – 100% eco-friendly raw materials used. IMPORTANT NOTE : Please Use Only Whiteboard Marker