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We offer multiple types of Painting Canvases in almost 100 Sizes.

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Eduway Medium Grain Cotton Canvas Board

-Eduway canvas board is made up of Good Quality light weighted MDF Board. -Special Features: Acid Free, 100% Cotton, Double White Primed with Acrylic Titanium, Anti Fungus (Fungus Resistant). -Suitable for Acrylic, Water, Oil & Gouache Colour. -Eduway Medium Grain Primed Cotton Canvas Panels are ideal for Artists and Beginners or be it using in classrooms, home craft, art studio or anywhere else..
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Eduway Medium Grain 10Oz. Primed Cotton Pre Stretched Canvas with Wooden Frame

• 10OZ. CLOTH: 10 Oz double-primed ready-to-go painting canvas with acid-free titanium acrylic gesso (machine coated) for a great painting experience • 100% COTTON CANVAS – The Eduway canvas board is crafted from 100% pure cotton. Cotton stretched canvas boards last a long time, are stretchable and very flexible as a painting medium for artists. Students prefer it for large paintings, and it supports professional-grade paints on the surface well.
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Eduway Black Medium Grain 7Oz. Cotton Canvas Board

Premium Cotton Canvas Boards: Our canvas boards are wrapped in 100% cotton canvases, so brushes just glide right over them & make painting effortless.These panels are perfect for a variety of media, from oils and acrylics to gouache and tempera. 100% MADE IN INDIA.

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