Artist Wooden Easel

  • Size : Each is about 5.5′ height
  • About : This easel stand for picture frame is foldable and lightweight, easy to store and portable. Made of natural pine wood without coating. Can be painted with your favorite color.
  • Perfect for : Great for display small artworks, paintings, playing cards, smartphones, menus, place cards, pictures, etc, also Easels to be used at weddings, for business cards, photograph displays, photo stand or to create all kinds of different crafts and art. The set really allows you to get good value by allowing you to trial and error all different types of crafts.
  • IDEAL FOR : canvas board, tripod stand, small table, wooden table, drawing board, mini tripod, white board stand, white board with stand, white board stand, wooden stand, wooden frame, drawing table, canvas board with wooden frame