Stretched Painting Canvas

  • CLOTH: 10 Oz double-primed ready-to-go painting canvas with acid-free titanium acrylic gesso (machine coated) for a great painting experience


  • 100% COTTON CANVAS – The Eduway canvas board is crafted from 100% pure cotton. Cotton stretched canvas boards last a long time, are stretchable and very flexible as a painting medium for artists. Students prefer it for large paintings, and it supports professional-grade paints on the surface well.


  • IDEAL FOR BEGINNERS & ARTISTS – This Eduway Pre-Stretched canvas board is ideal for beginners and artists. The texture is fine-grain and the boards are suitable for creating fluid artworks. Texture painting and oil painting are supported as well.


  • PINEWOOD FRAME: Stretched and hand mounted on a high-quality reclaimed pinewood frame (18x40mm) for a 100% warp-free and 100% flat painting surface with a perfect finish


  • MADE IN INDIA | Eduway Medium Grain Primed Stretched Cotton Canvas Boards are ideal for Artists and Beginners or be it using in classrooms, home craft, art studio or anywhere else.