Slate for Kids

  • DUAL SIDED: Writing with a marker on a white surface and chalk on the reverse green surface provides a dual benefit. This whiteboard is suitable for use at home, offices, and schools, and it is compatible with any whiteboard marker. Write it with the marker pens. Use the Duster to clean it and erase it.
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY SURFACE: Smooth, flat and scratch-resistant melamine white writing surface for easy writing and clean wiping without stains.
  • LEARNING TOOL FOR KIDS: This slate is an excellent learning tool for children. They can write on it and learn new things at the same time. It is an excellent learning solution for children over the age of 2.
  • ERASABLE SURFACE: The Eduway boards are the perfect companion for all training, teaching, display, and learning activities because of their excellent erasibility with no ghost marks, high scratch-resistance with easy-wipe properties, maximum readability with minimal glare, and minimal chalk dust formation with clean & continuous lines of chalk.